Coronavirus and Keeping You and Your Family Safe


The Coronavirus has been all over the news and I’m sure you are aware of it.  I want you to know that I am also very aware of it.

As a Housecleaner, it is my intention to reassure you that my commitment to the health and safety of my clients is my #1 priority. I think a key point in my cleaning business is that when I come to your home for a cleaning, your home is my only appointment for that day.  I do not do multiple cleanings in one day so this way, I do not track germs from home to home

Every time I go to a client’s house or business, there is a series of tasks that I do in order to keep myself safe and to keep you from any germs or cross-contamination.

Before entry, I will use hand sanitizer and apply gloves.

· Wearing Gloves helps to keep cross contamination from coming into your house and to add another layer of safety to myself. When I get outside to my car, I take the gloves off and throw them away 

· Shoe covers. These are really great because I do not track anything from outside into your house and they keep what’s on your floor - on your floor until I clean it up.  After I finish cleaning your home, I throw them away.

· Swifter Dustersare disposable and a new one is used for each and every cleaning.

· Microfiber Towels are washed with bleach three times in 2 hour cycles.

· Vacuums and Steam Mops are cleaned and bleached after every cleaning. My vacuums are equipped with Heppa Filter just like hospitals and everything that I vacuum goes directly into an airtight bag which is thrown away after each cleaning.

My family and I continue to practice CDC recommended hygiene recommendations in order to protect your family as well as mine. I will be closely monitoring the CDC for any changes that could affect you and your family.

Thank you for trusting Handygals Home Services with your care. I want you to know that I will be taking precautions at every single cleaning to protect you from getting sick and to protect myself from getting sick. During this difficult time, I look forward to providing you with the same excellent service that you are used to from me.

Laurie Calzaretta

Owner, Handygals Home Services